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Building the brewery

At the centre of Neckstamper Brewing is a brand new 10 barrel brewery in the heart of East London - in the lovely Lea Valley - not too far from the Olympic Park, host to the Olympic Games in 2012.

So what does it take to build a new craft brewery in London? Here we document the process...


Creating the low plinth

Installing a wooden plinth on a slight slope to allow runoff to flow towards the drainage channel;

  • 18mm marine ply

  • Cover the ply with aquapanel to improve waterproofness

Tiling the plinth to provide a grippy working surface

Taking no chances with leaks by establishing a solid tiled base on the top of the plinth;

  • 15mm acid resistant quarry tiles

  • Flexible acid proof tile grout and adhesive


Delivery day

The most exciting day of the entire install - the brewery arrives;

  • Skilful and extremely helpful forklift driver negotiates the tight entrance

  • All vessels and equipment loaded safely into the brewery





Installation completed

Excellent few days installing the brewery;

  • Hot liquor tank

  • Mash tun

  • Copper

  • Cold water tank

  • 4 x fermenting vessels - 2 x 10 bbl and 2 x 6 bbl

  • Conditioning tank

Test brew of the first batch - a hopped up tasty American Pale Ale!